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Clothes That Work

Every professional woman knows how impossible it is to find workwear that is feminine, affordable, and appropriate all at the same time. Add to this struggle everyday wardrobe malfunctions like spills from your lunch break, sweat stains during a presentation, or unintended bra exposure at a meeting. The struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to be anymore.

Enter: The Unstainable® Workwear Collection by Elizabeth & Clarke.

Elizabeth & Clarke has invented the dream: a white shirt that cannot stain. Yes, it is real. No, you’re not dreaming.

Fashion + Function

This shirt will make all of your other shirts seem boring, uninspiring and, frankly, a massive chore to wear for those who can’t eat without causing a mess.

We Don't Just Make Clothes, We Solve Problems

Our approach to the Unstainable® Workwear Collection is simple: clothing that works.

Works in the conference room on a Monday morning and in the living room on a Thursday night. Works during your 8 a.m. carpool and your 6 p.m. Happy Hour. Our Unstainable® fabric technology works to protect you against loose coffee cup lids and salad dressing splatters and our Sweat-Proof linings work to keep you dry while you're giving that presentation you stayed up all night practicing. We've melded fashion and function into pieces you won't just buy because they're appropriate or affordable, but because you'll feel happy putting them on in the morning. They say that when you look good, you feel good. And we want you to feel great.

And because we know that your work day typically extends way beyond your nine-to-five, each piece in our collection is conceptualized, designed, fitted, re-fitted, stain-resisted, and produced with high-quality fabrics and sleek styles that work for board rooms and baby showers, for date nights and dance recitals, for PTA meetings and the produce section.

Because let’s be real—a woman’s job is never done.


Are you ready to make the Unstainable® upgrade?