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People Have Been Talking... Here's What They're Saying

What’s truly amazing about this shirt, besides the fabric that cannot be stained, is the fact that there are hidden snap buttons at the bust so there is no pulling whatsoever. GENIUS.

Kimi S.
Supporter of Stripes


I am wearing the Banks today at work. I love it! I love how I can adjust the length depending on the shoes I’m wearing. I also love how the pocket lining is the same material of the pants itself. 

Taylor S.
Work Pant Worshipper

The Unstainable Liz Lemon is the perfect t-shirt. I pair it with everything from pencil skirts to yoga pants, which means I'm always comfortable but stylish.

Carla Jean W.
Queen of Comfort
This is such a stunningly amazing top... It is well constructed and the weight of the fabric is perfect for chillier weather. Wore it on a date night and my boyfriend was very impressed.

Marielle M.
Maroon Maven


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"Putting on a clean white shirt is a tiny act of faith. But the pristine beauty of this classic wardrobe staple is no longer as fragile a proposition thanks to Elizabeth & Clarke."

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"For those with buttoned-up dress codes, this could make getting dressed for that big meeting (when you also have post-work drinks on the books the same day) a bit easier."

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Bet you can't wait to try it for yourself.