Never fear wearing white again. 

From coffee to wine to salad dressing and even sweat are no match for



The beauty of the perfect white shirt is in the details.


Between making breakfast for the kids and rushing to get to work, it is hard to commit to wearing a white shirt during the day in the life of a modern woman— but not anymore. We are launching a shirt that truly meets all of your needs: it's beautiful, affordable, fit to flatter a woman's body, washable, and actually wearable in your everyday life: The Unstainable™ White Shirt.


The Technology

or The Power of Very Tiny Things

Using a similar process that a flower does to repel the morning dew, our tiny Unstainable fibers keep spills suspended above the fabric, preventing stains.


How Tiny is Tiny?

The Size of an Unstainable Fiber

Elizabeth & Clarke has invented the dream: a white shirt that cannot stain. Yes, it is real. No, you’re not dreaming.
— Marie Claire
This shirt will make all of your other shirts seem boring, uninspiring and, frankly, a massive chore to wear for those who can’t eat without causing a mess.
— Cosmopolitan
Putting on a clean white shirt is a tiny act of faith. But the pristine beauty of this classic wardrobe staple is no longer as fragile a proposition thanks to Elizabeth & Clarke
— Slate
There’s a dress shirt out there that will actually cure your fear of wearing white — it’s simply called The Unstainable White Shirt.
— BuzzFeed

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